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ADT Vivint DCSS 1 DCSS 2
Monitoring/month 45.95 $49.95 $15.00 $29.95
1 Year Total $551.40 $599.40 $180.00 $359.40
2 Year Total $1102.80 $1198.80 $360.00 $718.80
3 Year Total $1654.20 $1798.20 $540.00 $1078.20
4 Year Total $2205.60 $2397.60 $720.00 $1437.60

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your security alarm system with Derby City Security.  Contact us today to start protecting your family, home, or business while saving big!

We install for less and we monitor for less!

Derby City Security can install a state of the art alarm system in your location and monitor it for far less than the competition.  With 24-hour alarm monitoring services costing up to 70% less than competitors, DCSS can save you tens of thousands over the lifetime of the system!

Even if you already purchased a system from someone else and them install it, we can activate almost any alarm system to be compatible with our monitoring services.

Don’t let your already-installed alarm system sit inactive because monitoring is too expensive!  

Contact Derby City Security today to start saving with a new alarm system or monitoring service for your existing system.