Are Wireless Alarm Systemsas reliable as wired systems?

Yes! Wireless alarm devices have come a long way since they were first introduced and are now even more reliable than traditional hard wired systems. By investing in a wireless system you not only pay less initially as the installation is much easier, but you also save in the long run as service can be performed by anyone. No metering hidden wires or checking every device to see what is causing the problem. Each wireless device runs on long-life batteries and reports back to the control panel multiple times a day. If the control panel ever misses a report from a device you know right away which device is faulty saving the cost of troubleshooting an entire wired system.

Wireless systems are also very easy to use as you can move devices around as needs change. Additionally, wireless systems have devices such as wireless key fobs, similar to a remote car alarm key, that can arm and disarm your security system with a touch of a button. If you have your hands full as you enter your house you no longer have to rush to deactivate your alarm, simply press the button before you enter and be assured of no false alarms.