Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wireless Alarm Systemsas reliable as wired systems?
Yes! Wireless alarm devices have come a long way since they were first introduced and are now even more reliable than traditional hard wired systems. By investing in a wireless system you not only pay less initially as the installation is much easier, but you also save in the long run as service can be performed by anyone. No metering hidden wires or checking every device to see what is causing the problem. Each wireless device runs on long-life batteries and reports back to the control panel multiple times a day. If the control panel ever misses a report from a device you know right away which device is faulty saving the cost of troubleshooting an entire wired system. Wireless systems are also very easy to use as you can move devices around as needs change. Additionally, wireless systems have devices such as wireless key fobs, similar to a remote car alarm key, that can arm and disarm your security system with a touch of a button. If you have your hands full as you enter your house you no longer have to rush to deactivate your alarm, simply press the button before you enter and be assured of no false alarms.
Can Derby City Security monitor my existing system?

Yes, Derby City Security can reprogram systems from most major manufacturers. Some security companies use proprietary equipment to prevent other companies from taking over their systems. In the instance that your control panel is locked out and we cannot remotely program it, we can install a new  panel to be monitored by Derby city security. Contact us to switch  today

How do I know my system is working properly?

You should test your alarm system at least once a month. View the System Test Procedure here. In the event that your system is not working, call our headquarters at 502-364-8879 and we will have a technician come and fix the system in a timely fashion . There will we a $25 service call to come fix it.

How do I update my contact list?

Any changes to your contact list must be made by mail, fax or email. Please include your name, address, account number and false alarm password.

Contact Us by mail or contact form

No requests over the phone will be entered. This protocol is meant to safeguard you against any fraudulent activity.

I have a dog, cat, or other pet. Does that mean I can’t use motion detectors?

No, motion detector technology has come a long way and most manufacturers now offer a “pet immune” version of their sensor. These “pet immune” sensors have reduced sensitivity so that an animal under a certain size will not activate an alarm. Sensors are usually sold with “pet immunity” weights such as 40 or 80 lbs. Additionally, you can always mask off the bottom of your motion detector lens so that it will not pick up motion at the ground level. This allows your animal free range while still protecting you against real intruders.

I’ve been thinking about getting a security system but do not know much about them. Can you give me more information?

A security system consists of a control panel that is usually located in a remote area of the house such as a closet or laundry room. This panel is the “brains” of the security system and receives signals from all the devices/sensors when you arm your system. Once the signals are received the control panel transmits the signals to  central station monitoring center where trained operators interpret the signals and dispatch the proper authorities. Get started with Derby City Security today.

If my system reports to derby City using my phone line, what happens if my phone line is cut or out of service?

That is a great question! Fortunately, Derby City Security has very flexible communication paths. You can either add a cellular radio as added line security or you can use an Ethernet connection as your main communication path. With the cellular radio there is no line to cut and it works under any conditions. These radios can be backups or primary communicators. With these options you can even eliminate your traditional phone line and enjoy further monthly savings.

Is there an insurance discount for having an alarm system?

Depending on which insurance company you use, you may be eligible to receive up to a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance. In many cases this discount can more than make up for Derby city monthly monitoring rate. Once you go online with Derby city Security, we will issue you a certificate of alarm. Simply mail/fax that certificate to your insurance company as proof that your location is monitored. They will then be able to apply whatever discount they may offer. Remember, fire alarm monitoring may provide you with an even greater discount!

What happens when I press my system’s panic button?

When a central station operator receives a panic button they immediately dispatch emergency services. You are  able to call in and cancel this type of alarm.

What if I accidentally set off my alarm?

We strive to educate our customers as best we can to eliminate the chance of user error, but we understand accidents happen. Simply call  our headquarters at (502) 364-8879 and you will be connected to a dispatch operator. They will ask you for your passcode cancellation to confirm your identity and then cancel the dispatch.

What if I am moving? Does my system move with me?

If you own your system and it is wireless, simply take it down and install it at your new location. Once the system is installed, contact us to move your monitoring service to your new address. If you do not own your system or if it is hardwired, upgrade today to your very own wireless security system for your new location.

What if I lose power at my location? Will my security system still work?

Yes, most security systems come equipped with a battery backup. These battery backups usually work for 6 hours when new but lose effectiveness as they get older.

Why would I need additional smoke detectors tied into my security system?

The battery operated smoke detectors installed in many homes is a simple life safety device. It has a local siren built into the detector that ensures no one will be trapped in your house during a real fire. A smoke detector that is tied into your burglar system is meant to add a second layer of protection in the event no one is home when the smoke detector is activated. The control panel will send the alarm signal as a fire alarm and the Derby city operator will then dispatch the fire department instead of the police department with the intention of saving your property from damage.